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  • Testimonials – the way we prefer talking about Us

    There are 2 types of people. One type who explains about their business and another type who let their service and testimonials explain about them. We thought of following the second set of the crowd. At this very moment, we, the entire team of Champion Car Care thank each one of our clients who have made our journey so far smooth and enthralling. During all these years when we took care of your car, you have been our fuel and energy to move forward and improve our services.

  • How to Maintain your Car in Top Shape

    Develop a smooth driving style and don’t be hard on the car. Your steering, accelerator, clutch, brake & gear inputs should be polished. In traffic, avoid tail-gating the car in front. Maintaining a healthy gap will allow your braking & deceleration to be a lot smoother. And yes, contrary to popular perception, you can indeed